Hi 👋 I’m Denise - a nail artist of 25 years - and this is my brother Michael.

I got into making and wearing press-ons during the pandemic. But after a few months, I started noticing that store bought nails never really fit right. Kits come with 30+ tips, but never enough of the right sizes.

Seeing the potential for something better, Michael and I teamed up to bring technology to the table.

By combining AI with decades of salon experience - we created Aura, the first budget-friendly, custom-fit nail kit - so you can save time and love your nails even more. 💅💗

  • Beauty’s for everyone

    We’re committed to creating inclusive products everyone can enjoy.

  • Less is more

    Using less plastic in our kits and sourcing responsible and recycled materials.

  • We’re in it together

    Supporting our fellow nail artists by showcasing their talents.

  • Being real is more fun

    You do you - because together our differences make us stronger.